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Voyager Magnetometer Experiment Data

  • Daily and hourly averaged data are available from the COHO Web.
  • 48 second averaged data and limited sets of data in ASCII format are posted at the VHO (Virtual Heliospheric Observatory). These are fully processed and edited data, but users must consider the discussions of uncertainties that accompany the data sets.
  • Near real time data posted on the Voyager Magnetometer FTP site is processed with the previous recent roll data are available within 2 days of the measurements. These data are not suitable for publication and should be used with great care.
  • High resolution data for 1977 to 1990 are also available from the Voyager Magnetometer FTP site. These data include 48 second resolution averages written in ASCII format.
  • Efforts are under way to reprocess the high resolution data to covert them from VAX format to Common Data Format (CDF) binary files
  • The data processing and uncertainties in the Voyager MAG measurements are discussed in a document by Daniel Berdichevsky (2009) and references therein.
  • The use of magcals by Daniel Berdichevsky (2015) describing detailed processing of weak magnetic fields.
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